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I run one blog at Healthy Influence.

The Persuasion Blog considers all things persuasion as ripped from the headlines of today's pop press or peer review publications.

I've been blogging since 2006 and have used a variety of platforms over the years. Currently, I'm using Wordpress and want to offer my strong recommendation for it.

I'm running Wordpress through my Internet Service Provider, InMotion Hosting. Wordpress provides an excellent software solution for creating, organizing, and maintaining many related files. There's a reliable and thriving community of developers, so there's plenty of support and innovation. Further, you can easily find professional support at a reasonable price. Wordpress is surprisingly good. I've also used Wordpress through their Dot Org website with hosted blogging. That, too, is well done and if you don't want the total control of your own ISP hosting, then Wordpress.Org is a great choice.

Wordpress is the single most effective and efficient solution I've found for running an active, multidimensional website. If you've got a lot of files, keep adding new files, and need to change link categories and networks, Wordpress is the way to go. The navigation controls are not particularly attractive, intuitive, or flexible, but they are serviceable, especially for everything else the platform delivers. You might recall that my Primer 2.0 was originally online within the main website. It had beautiful controls and navigation with an attractive interface (compliments of the extremely helpful and expert folks at Project7). It also requires working through Dreamweaver (hubba-hubba), but alas, I can't figure out how to make Dreamweaver work well with Wordpress for managing links. Thus, the Primer, version 3.0, is run through Wordpress rather than the old combination of Dreamweaver and P7.