My privacy policy is simple: the web site does not collect, save, or store personal information about you when you visit the site.  You do not have to provide even your email address to access any portion of the site.  The site does not install any software or file on your computer.

The web server collects aggregate data about visits to the web site, such as statistics that show which parts of each web site were visited the most.  The following information is collected when you visit any page on the web site: the date and time of your visit, the pages you visit, and the address of the web site, if any, that provided the link from which you reached the web site.  This information is gathered only for the purpose of enabling me to improve the online service.

No individual identifying or personal information (such as your name) is automatically gathered when you visit any page on the web site.   No area of this website collects any personal information about you unless you choose to provide that information by filling out a form.  If you send personal information, I will not share it with anyone without your consent.  I appreciate the time you’ve spent visiting Healthy Influence and I hope you enjoyed it and learned something useful.

If you have any concerns about your privacy on this website, please contact me at drsbb at healthyinfluence dot com.