Web Workers of the World Unite! Down with Fascist facebook and Totalitarian twitter!

facebookThe Web 2.0 is a promise of a new more interactive web that connects people in emotionally and relationally useful and satisfying ways.  Instead, Web 2.0 as the pay off has become a magnet for deceptive marketers offering persuasion plays of For Me? free tools to workers.

Sure, when you sign up for facebook or twitter or whatever 2.0 social web platform, you expect those Googly Adsense things, but for that great free tool that connects you to your community, it’s a small price to pay.

But Googly ads aren’t the price you pay.

Web 2.0 Marketers aim at creating huge consumer panels that provide on-going, dynamic, and rich datasets of your beliefs, values, emotions, and relationships all tied with consumer and political behaviors.

twitter and facebook never say this in so many words in that long legal glop you click off when you join and indeed that’s part of the persuasion play.  They hide the Main Point from you through your whole experience with them.

In essence Web 2.0 is a hidden tax on you.  You will pay more for goods and services because marketers working with facebook data on you will be able to target you more precisely and generate more profit from you.  You will pay more for goods and services that come through this marketing because they will hit you with persuasion plays that are most effective with you compared to what they used to be able to do.

If you think about it, all these fabulous 2.0 services are offering is freedom from a few clicks from you.  If “everyone” tweets , then all you have to do is go to one site, making your life a few clicks easier.

That’s it.  You save a few seconds of time and a few ergs of work.  And, for your savings you put your life into the hands of marketers who will concentrate on you in a way you cannot concentrate on them.

People always holler about Big Brother and point at the government.  Sure, that’s a real risk and it always bears watching.  But, so do smiling VC Web 2.0 smoothies who are selling you nothing but digital snake oil.

You’ve been warned.

At the same time, I offer my persuasion congratulations to these guys.  There is not a sincere bone in their bodies.