Greed Is Good . . . for Persuasion Rules

Pillow TagMelanie hasn’t bought new pillows recently, so I had no unread manufacturers tags to read and thus found myself in a WSJ article about great Wall Street blogs.  I read through several, particularly enjoying a blog by, about, and for Investment Bankers (plus the guy is clearly a Constant Reader).  As I read a couple of posts that focused on other issues, it dawned on me that Investment Bankers pursue their work in line with persuasion by my Rules.  They demonstrate that relentless focus on the Other Guy with a cool and calculating eye hidden behind a friendly and relaxed smile aimed at one goal:  Change.

If you are not an Investment Banker, you might find learning about them and their work for the persuasion implications.  If you are an Investment Banker, you might enjoy the Rules.

Persuasion Is Strategic or It Is Not.

If You Can’t Count It, You Can’t Change It.

Persuaders Can Either Be Famous or Effective, But Not Both.

You Can Get Farther with a Kind Word and a Big Stick Than with Either Alone.

Great Persuaders Don’t Need Rich Uncles, Kindness from Strangers, or Third Party Vote Splitters.

There’s a Difference between Persuasion, and Smoke and Mirrors; With Persuasion the Illusion Lingers.

And most importantly,

Power Corrupts Persuasion.