Why iPads and Revolution?

Read the lede from the NY Times.

DAVOS, Switzerland — The unrest engulfing Egypt caught business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum off guard, but it became the hottest topic among the Arab elite here. Most of those leaders tuned in to the dramatic events from iPads and BlackBerrys and huddled to debate how the uprising would affect the rest of the Arab world.

iPads and Blackberrys?  In the lede?

Why is the channel and the technological device relevant for this?  We’re talking about a complex political and social event and the Times writer at Davos sees the New New Thing.  And isn’t it nice to find Arab Elites?  And to find people who write like this without self consciousness?

Do you realize how easy it is to persuade the Cool Table?  Look at the logical disconnect in the first sentence.  People at Davos are surprised BUT the topic is hot among Arab Elites.  These two concepts are not related.  I’m sure that all the non-Arab Elites at Davos are also tapping away on their iPads and Blackberrys along with the Arab Elites.

Plus we are treated to the reporting of Elites WATtaping at Davos!