Rep. Broun’s twitter Persuasion

You recall from this earlier post that Republican Paul Broun, US House Representative from Georgia, decided to skip President Obama’s speech in a joint session of Congress and instead watch it on TV and twitter his responses in real time.

How did that go?

Here are twitter stats for 3 US House Representatives, Broun; Nancy Pelosi, Democratic minority leader; and Hank Johnson, another US Representative from Georgia.  The X axis has 24 hour time ticks on Universal Time and in this instance at hour 0 on 9-9-11 is when Mr. Obama’s speech began (it’s that huge spike on Broun’s Graph).

Now, here’s the Graph for Ms. Pelosi.

And for Mr. Johnson.

Clearly, Rep. Broun got a lot of traffic on twitter with his Play.  He generated a greater total than Ms. Pelosi who is arguably a more famous and powerful member of the House than Dr. Broun.  And Broun generated 10 times more twitter traffic than another House member from Georgia, Mr. Johnson.

We cannot read a great deal into just this one case comparison, but it looks to me like Rep. Broun got some Buzz going for himself.  He attracted both pro and con tweets, but the important thing is that he got a lot of Reception with twitter in this one instance.  Certainly he’s got staffers combing over all that tweet traffic, culling potential supporters and putting them in a contact database.  Maybe a contribution.  Maybe a sign in the yard.  Maybe driving a volunteer minivan on Election Day to taxi voters.

No one persuasion Play wins an election, but you play smart like this on a consistent basis and you are harder to beat.  Realize, too, that this is not a Party issue.  I’m sure there were Democrats in the House or Senate who used this speech to generate more Web 2.0 traffic.  Broun managed to grab attention with his decision and announcement to skip the President’s speech, so I followed his case.

How about a Peitho nomination for Dr. Broun?