Eat More, Gain More . . . the Cool Table Reels!

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If you are cuckoo for data analysis, you might enjoy this new study published today by the Journal of the American Medical Association. At the risk of wildly oversimplifying, the study demonstrates what old science and your mother told us about weight gain: It’s the calories, stupid!

The researchers trapped a small group of highly paid volunteers in a metabolic lab, kept them there for many weeks, while controlling their diet and measuring, poking, prodding, and sticking them with all the wonders of modern medical technology. These plucky few, these band of brothers and sisters ate a randomly assigned diet that varied proportion of calorie type (i.e. fats, carbs, protein), but kept the total amount constant and excessive (an extra 1,000 calories a day!).

Guess what? Everybody gained weight! Okay, there was some nuance. The Low Protein group gained less weight, but actually gained as much fat as the other groups while losing lean muscle mass; yes, they ate more, gained less, but got weaker. The headline remains. Overeating makes you fat!

This study will soon fall into the great maw of Lost Attention and everyone will rush to the New New Thing from the Cool Table that claims Nuance! But for now if you appreciate good science and interesting analysis, this is a fabulous example of small sample research for your consideration.