Up In The Air with Gatsby and Porsches

Flying to NOLA for NCA with United offers unexpected persuasion pleasures. In Hemispheres Magazine observe.

Imagine you behind the wheel of the 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo Sedan!

The seamless seven-speed PDK transmission lets you go from manual to automatic in a split second, while the walnut dashboard and creamy leather make you feel like Gatsby motoring his way out to East Egg (hastily).

Gatsby, glittering wealth, estates on East Egg, swimming pools, rich friends, big parties . . . nice metaphor with a Porsche Turbo Sedan, but . . .

When Gatsby hastily motored out to East Egg, Daisy drove, not Jay.

Worse still, on the hasty drive, Daisy struck and killed Myrtle Wilson, who dallied adulterously with Daisy’s husband, Tom.

Worser still, Gatsby lied to protect Daisy and asserted that he was behind the wheel.

Worser more, Tom told the distraught but clueless husband George Wilson, that Gatsby killed the beloved Myrtle.

Worstest of all, George then murdered Gatsby in his magnificent swimming pool.

But, other than that, how was your test drive?

P.S. NOLA is different still after Katrina. Fewer people, not as crazy fun, and showing the signs of Disney-fication with more money moving in and around the French Quarter. Echoes, but distant and faint, from that wonderful past. If you’re a foodie, you’ve got to visit Stella’s.

And the related Stanley’s was nice, too, especially the Breaux Bridge Eggs Benedict. Muriel’s still serves as fine and sedate a lunch as you could expect and charms with its upstairs rooms.

Galatoires impresses with Big Easy elegance.

And Emeril’sWell . . .