Time On Task and Mavens

If you are in education, instruction, training, C&I, or whatever label they’re using now to describe the interaction between a teacher and student, you should know that Time on Task is the single most important variable a teacher controls for student learning.  If you want the kid to have the best chance of hitting the criterion, Time on Task with the learning message is your first play.

We can use ToT metaphorically for persuasion mavens.

Your ToT is getting the Other Guy to interact as long and often as possible with your persuasion message or play.  Sure, design great persuasive messages and plays, but if you don’t get ToT with the Other Guy, what’s the point?

In my terms, Time on Task points emphatically at the Persuasion Box.  Get the Other Guy in the Persuasion Box as often as you can for as long as you can.

Mavens should know what master teachers know:  Time on Task!