Nietzsche Laughs Again

Heard the big science (almost) news?

Scientists as of July 2012 think they have near proof of the Higgs boson particle, popularly called the God particle. (You can tell these guys are scientists because they do not claim absolute proof with the evidence they’ve collected to date; they still harbor doubt which also means they have no faith, yet another sign of science!) But, they’re pretty sure they’ve found the footprint of the God particle.

So, now, Nietzsche would ask: Why do scientists, dedicated to a material explanation and eschewing all supernatural chitter-chatter, call it the “God” particle?

If you are a close reader of Nietzsche you know that he was perhaps the first true God-free thinker in human history or at least aimed in that direction. He ridiculed most skeptics and atheists because they replaced God with godlike concepts. Even when you say you disbelieve, you use the concepts of belief to explain your disbelief . . . like calling it the God particle rather than the Alpha particle or the Zero particle or the Arche particle (although that stinks with the God-haunted Greek disbelief that Nietzsche disdained).

Even the godless, Nietzsche argued, still think, talk, and act godly, meaning they are not free of the hated influence. When you kill your parents, but then dress in their clothes, you are still living in a paternalistic world; killing God and having Him, too.

Let’s leave the last word to Nietzsche and his Paradoxy Play.

“Which is it? Is man only God’s mistake or God only man’s mistake?” from Twilight of the Idols, Maxims and Arrows, Number 7.