Persuasion Dysquotation – Changing Nobody at the U

. . . a statement you make that someone else reproduces which you wish they hadn’t. Read the latest from NYT as Big Data goes to Big U and you get this:

Data diggers hope to improve an education system in which professors often fly blind. That’s a particular problem in introductory-level courses, says Carol A. Twigg, president of the National Center for Academic Transformation. “The typical class, the professor rattles on in front of the class,” she says. “They give a midterm exam. Half the kids fail. Half the kids drop out. And they have no idea what’s going on with their students.”

Gee. Half the kids fail. Half drop out. Professors have no idea.

Who’s left for Academic Transformation?

P.S. Yeah. Big Data will change the way professors operate. Yeah. Grab those Facebook crumbs. Run eAdvising to save kids from majors they can’t complete. High tech feedback is not the solution for kids failing in higher education.

P.P.S. Great PR persuasion play that Big Data U. Looks great in the promotional material you send to Mom and Dad.

P.P.P.S. This kind of Big Data could actually work in higher education, but no one will design the application so you can Count the Change. Kinda funny, isn’t it? The U is where you go for math and science, yet they won’t do the math and science here to Prove It. Universities do not receive all the Consequences for their Behavior and do not Change.