Cause Marketing and Just Plain Persuasion

Let’s do some math.

Add together:

Unilever, on behalf of four brands, Degree Women, Ragú, Simple, and Vaseline; Women’s Health magazine, published by Rodale . . . with film and television stars including Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale, Leelee Sobieski, Kerry Washington and Allison Williams . . . and finally, include Forevermark diamonds, sold by De Beers; the Gap division of Gap Inc.; Starbucks; and Summer’s Eve, sold by the C.B. Fleet Company.

Put all these sources together and we will . . .

. . . fight hunger in the United States . . .

Only with persuasion can you combine celebrities with deodorant, skin lotion, petroleum jelly, diamonds, khakis, coffee, and douche to fight hunger and actually make money on the proposition. Call it Cause Marketing and you’ve got good, old fashioned persuasion in the guise of a New New Thing.

Here’s how we make this work. Running!

Each person who registers to run in 10-kilometer races to be held in New York and 10 other cities from Sept. 23 through Oct. 13, will result in donations through the foundation of 10 meals to people in need in the runner’s community. Those who cannot run in the 11 races can also take part, by using a Web site,, to plot routes where they live.

So. Other Guys run to feed the hungry. Love that ironic enthymeme. Run to lose weight and the weight you lose running we give to hungry people!

And, let’s organize that through the Web with an emphasis upon Web 2.0 so you can hook in your Facebook friends. We’ll always make sure something like this appears.

So, we push this message through running magazines and get runners to promote the Run 10 Feed 10 brand through their Social Media connections. Think of all the Exposure and Reception we generate beyond our own advertising costs!

And, all of our advertising messages propagate through our advertising and all the Other Guys Social Media sharing always showing our slogans, icons, images, and logos. And, gee, do you think we should put that Run 10 Feed 10 logo on the boxes of our deodorants, diamonds, and douches?

Plus, and no one has mentioned this yet, since this is charitable work, we get a tax deduction!

And, yeah, even the NYTimes writer caught this . . .

“The buzz in social media” around a brand’s support of a cause can create “a halo effect” to burnish its image, said Jonah Sachs, chief executive at Free Range Studios and the author of a new book, “Winning the Story Wars” (Harvard Business Review Press).

So, even if you don’t buy deodorant, diamonds, or douche from us, you’ll see our brand in a good light. We care about feeding the hungry in America!

Gee. Has anybody told President Obama that there are hungry people in America? Why isn’t he campaigning on that?

All Bad Persuasion Is Sincere.

P.S. Where’s Ashton Kutcher? Or Ted Danson? How are they going to keep Jamie Oliver out of this spotlight? Can’t he cook for hungry people, too?

P.P.S. Get The Lancet and their Physical Activity Working Group involved. In this campaign, no one is Sitting!!!