TACTful Implementation Intentions or Good Plans Don’t Save Bad TACTs

Townsend and Liu provide a provocative 5 study package that investigates a boundary condition on Implementation Intentions or just planning, more generally. We know that II is one of the fastest, easiest, and more effective Central Route persuasion plays you can run with Other Guys. Essentially through an act of self-persuasion, your instruction to think […]

Collaborative Implementation Intentions

I’ve extolled the persuasion virtues of Implementation Intentions for behavior change in frequent posts to the Persuasion Blog. II may be the single most effective and efficient persuasion play for behavior change. You can instruct Other Guys through simple written instructions to sit down and make plans for implementing their intentions to quit smoking or […]

Ask Intentions to Pop TACTs

You look through descriptions of 5 new brands of candy with different taste ratings, calorie counts, and fat content. After considering this information you answer one of two questions. 1. How likely or unlikely would you be to try the presented candy bars if they were available to you? 2. How positive or negative are […]

Doing Fear Appeals Effectively

Every muggle knows the overwhelming persuasive impact of fear appeals. Just scare the Other Guy and you will get a change you can count. Of course, when you actually do count the change you typically find almost no change to count. Yet muggles persist (warning labels, anyone?) in declaring and doing something that is disproven. […]

Truth in the Pop Press!!!

Good grief. The New York Times may yet put me out of business. They publish a fabulous piece of applied persuasion with New Year’s resolutions that is actually true! I’m stunned. Consider these four persuasion plays the writers offer. First, make a concrete plan. Second, put something you value on the line. Third, bundle your […]

Nudge as Pantheism or Elvis Is Everywhere

Here’s a new persuasion play for everyone doing, selling, or studying persuasion: Persuasion is everywhere! In this particular brand case: Nudge is everywhere. The Nudge began as Peripheral Route Cues delivered by governments in the name of benevolent paternalism and has now evolved into a Pantheism of Persuasion. It’s everywhere! Consider this adoring summary in […]

Uncle Norm Sits Down

If you read the intervention research you find a fondness for Uncle Norm. If you let Other Guys know that everyone is doing it, then They will, too! Usually researchers deploy Uncle Norm to increase the good TACT or sometimes decrease the bad TACT, but Uncle Norm does get positive results. Except when He doesn’t. […]